This is the first time a study describes how G-EYE® balloon technology correlates with Polyp Removal Time and Adenoma Detection Rate.
This recent Network Meta-analysis is comparing very different modalities, attempting to increase Adenoma Detection Rates (ADR) in the colon. The detailed and comprehensive analysis concludes in a very thorough manner that no other product or tool can increase ADR the way the G-EYE® does.
SMART's G-EYE® 760R colonoscope, incorporating its G-EYE® Balloon Technology designed to increase the detection of cancerous polyps in colonoscopy, will become available by FUJIFILM Europe with its state-of-the-art ELUXEO system, as part of the newly formed strategic distribution partnership with FUJIFILM Corporation.
With 28% more adenomas detected than with conventional colonoscopes G-EYE® has the potential to become a standard of care in colonoscopy, not only for screening but also for indicated and index colonoscopies

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