SPARK2C Inflation System

Our balloon inflation technology is designed to provide safe and efficient operation of the various NaviAid™ balloon devices and the G-EYE® endoscope within the gastrointestinal tract.

Balloon inflation pressure is regulated by unique and proprietary algorithms and continuously monitored to ensure safe pressures and balloon contact, regardless of variations in the intestinal diameter. Integrated safety mechanisms prevent over-pressure. The SPARK Inflation Systems are user-friendly and intuitive to operate. Balloon inflation and deflation is triggered by foot paddle press, and balloon status is displayed on an indication panel which may be located freely in the line of sight for the users.

The SPARK2C is a unique Inflation System. It supports the G-EYE® endoscope enabling both anchoring pressure and additional 3 intermediate pressure levels enabling smooth and Steady withdrawal of the G-EYE® endoscope during colonoscopy. The SPARK2C also supports all NaviAid™ single-balloon and two-balloon procedures employing both the G-EYE® endoscope together with the NaviAid™ AB single use device. The SPARK2C is a versatile system which is a corner stone for all the NaviAid™ products.

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