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SMART Medical Systems is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of medical devices, specializing in the field of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal endoscopy

G-EYE® Visualization

Haustral folds may make colonoscopy a challenging procedure. The G-EYE® colonoscope can assist in maintaining the field of view and positioning of the scope.

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G-EYE® Therapy

While conducting resection of polyps, the G-EYE® anchoring feature can provide a stable position of the distal tip of the colonoscope.

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G-EYE® Clinical Value

Both meta analysis and dedicated relevant and published clinical studies are offering conclusions on the clinical value of the G-EYE® colonoscope.

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Standard of Care

I am using the G-EYE® balloon colonoscope as my daily routine for all my patients coming for colonoscopy.”

Dr.med Julian Holzhüter

We Have Equipped All of Our Five Colonoscopy Rooms with G-EYE®

In our hospital G-EYE® is the standard of care now.”

Professor Ullrich Graeven Kliniken Maria Hilf
Mönchengladbach, Germany

Our Study Demonstrates Increased ADR by Using G-EYE®

We found improved polyp and adenoma detection rates with the balloon-assisted colonoscopy.”

Dr. Seth Gross
NYU Langone Medical Center

The G-EYE® Colonoscope is Now in Daily Routine Use

I have been involved in development and worked with a lot of technologies for increased polyp detection.”

Professor Zamir Halpern

Clinical Results

We have equipped our department with G-EYE® based on the robust results we were able to produce.”

Professor Haim Shirin
Assaf Harofeh MC


Latest News

Results from this randomized trial showed that the ADR, particularly for advanced and large adenomas, was substantially higher for the G-EYE®

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