The G-EYE® Colonoscope is constructed of a standard, 510(k) cleared colonoscope, which is remanufactured to include a reusable and reprocessable balloon at its bending section.

During colonoscopy, withdrawal of the colonoscope with the G-EYE® balloon moderately inflated flattens colon folds, centralizes the optics within the colonic lumen, and assists in controlling the view-field and positioning of the colonoscope. Upon need, the G-EYE® balloon can be inflated at anchoring pressure to stabilize the colonoscope tip during endoscopic intervention and therapy. Published clinical studies (GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY-Volume 89, No.3:2019 & Endoscopy 2015; 47(03): 238-244) have demonstrated PDR of 59%, overall ADR of 48% and adenoma miss rate of 7.5%.

Key Features:

Assisting in the control of colonoscope’s view-field and positioning

Flattening colon folds and centralizing colonoscope’s optics

Reducing bowel slippage during colonoscope’s withdrawal

Stabilizing colonoscope’s tip during therapeutic intervention

Reusable, reprocessable balloon, forming part of the remanufactured colonoscope

Product Specifications:

Available Endoscopes
Selected 510(k) cleared brands and models
Balloon Diameter
Up to 60mm
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure
Controlled Withdrawal™ Pressure
3 intermediate pressure levels
SPARKC Power Supply
100V – 240VAC; 50-60Hz

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