NaviAid™ AB

Beyond Conventional Limitations

The NaviAid™ AB (Advancing Balloon) device provides fast ileoscopy/upper enteroscopy while using standard endoscopes.

It is an on-demand device, which can be spontaneously introduced through the working channel of the endoscope during the procedure (colonoscopy or EGD) upon the physician’s decision without the need for pre-mounting or interrupting the normal course of examination. Once inflated ahead of the endoscope and anchored in the bowel, the device is used as a rail on which the endoscope is advanced, replacing pushing by guidance. Multiple advancement steps may be performed as needed, facilitating deep, fast, and safe intubation in the small bowel ( The device may be removed from the endoscope’s working channel during procedure to allow biopsy and therapy, and be then re-inserted to facilitate further advancement.

Key Features:

Deep ileoscopy/upper enteroscopy

Fast and safe advancement in the small bowel

Introduced upon need, through the endoscope’s working channel

Enables Controlled Withdrawal™ of the endoscope

Works with a standard endoscope

Maintains endoscope’s biopsy and therapy capabilities

Product Specifications:

Catheter Length
Balloon Diameter
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure

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