Inflation System

Our SPARK balloon inflation technology is designed to provide safe and efficient operation of our various balloon products, employing unique and proprietary algorithms designed to supply safe and effective inflation while compensating for variations in the intestinal diameter.

The SPARK Inflation Systems are user-friendly and easy to operate. Balloon inflation and deflation are triggered by foot pedal press or remote panel buttons, and balloon status is displayed on an intuitive indication panel.

The SPARKC supports the operation of the G-EYE® Colonoscope, enabling both anchoring pressure and additional three intermediate pressure levels. Withdrawal of the G-EYE® Colonoscope in the colon while the G-EYE® balloon is moderately inflated by the SPARKC at one of the three intermediate pressure levels, effects fold-flattening, optics centralization, and reduction of bowel slippage, altogether assisting in view-field and positioning control of the colonoscope. The SPARKC is unique and novel in its ability to maintain such moderate inflation pressure in the balloon while the intestinal diameter changes dynamically during withdrawal.

The SPARK is a single-balloon inflation system, controlling the inflation of the NaviAid™ AB small-bowel balloon catheter. It provides safe anchoring pressure to the AB balloon during small bowel endoscopy, notwithstanding variations in the cross-sectional diameter of the small intestine.

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